When I was thirteen Muhammed Ali was my Hero. He spoke his truth.

I saw him walking on the boardwalk in Atlantic City in 1968.

His Boxing title had been stripped from him.

He walked the planks of the boardwalk with integrity.

The “boxer” series for me serves as a metaphor to focus.

The image of the boxer is my way of dealing with my demons - 

a constant fight to remain conscious and present.

The image of the Boxer is that of a warrior but, a warrior contained within the confines of society…his ring.

It is through the text combined with the emotional vibration of color that my images transcend and attempt to make a “spiritual” connection.

It is through this connection with “The Bright” spiritual that we are able to “radically understand” and transcend the daily pain and suffering of life.

It is the “Fight for our Souls”…the last vestiges of “Freedom” on the planet…the last frontier that governments, “authorities” seek to control and are at “War” to conquer and surveil.

It is my desire through these images to manifest a magical, spiritual consciousness and community.

For we are all the “Hero” when we act with consciousness and integrity.


Richard Kurtz