Artist Richard Kurtz 

My playful style speaks for an inner child inside all of us.

The child preserves myth and wonder, heroes and villains,

in a world of violent manufactured control.

My artwork serves as an alternative to a rigid system, a key for the shackles that bind us.

Scrap metal, discarded paper, fallen pieces of material life.

These materials allow me to reassemble through collage a true image, with a coherent meaning, and a reminder for us all.

I seek to reawaken the viewer, to foster awareness, to stimulate insight.

I am a guerrilla artist with colors bright and energetic.

With pure energy, I push away from the hands of a grotesque government complex, propaganda, limitation, the enemies of high consciousness.

My role is to speak truth through images.

My challenge is to do so without being appropriated by an unforgiving system.

Richard Kurtz